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What Are Kikoys?

What Are Kikoys?


Kikoy means sarong in Swahili. Fishermen living and working along East Africa’s coastline originally wore these robust and versatile garments which are still being handwoven by artisan weavers in Kenya today. They are crafted from the finest brushed cotton fibres in a whole spectrum of vibrant colours: from deep blues to mulled gold with splashes of crimson, brown and charcoal, they reflect the ocean, sunsets, sand and people of the region.

Blue Summer kikoy towels are made of a traditional Kenyan kikoy lined with an ultralight, quick-drying terry towel fabric, making them the ultimate beach accessories.

Blue Summer kikoys respect the environment with their natural dying process. They are ethically made from locally grown cotton in a Kenyan workshop, certified by The KEFAT (Kenyan Federation for Alternative Trade). This label ensures what the consumer buys is the product of Kenyan craftsmen who get an honest income and work in good conditions. Once the kikoys are woven, the tassels are then hand knotted at home by the artisans’ wives. This allows them to make extra money to send their children to school and improve their life standard.

Kikoys workshop in Mombassa:

Kikoys workshop in MombassaKikoys workshop in Mombassa